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Default 5th Gear - S15 EP2 - 12th January, 2009 - Discussion

This week, Olympic swimmer and ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ star Mark Foster is given a brand new dance routine by Jason – in a supercharged Vauxhall VXR8. Jason and precision driver Paul Swift teach Mark a tricky auto-test routine. Will Mark’s agility on the dance floor and in the pool translate to the tarmac?

Jonny, meanwhile, experiences his idea of automotive hell at the Firecracker Banger meet – the biggest banger racing event in Europe. Unlike normal banger racing, where battered old cars are raced to the death, this event sees rare classics meet an untimely end. Will Jonny be able to watch so many vintage vehicles being sent to the scrapheap?

Tim endures his own version of hell this week when he relives the terror of his driving test. He aims to find out why fewer people than ever before are passing their test. Hitting the streets with a real examiner, at a real test centre – and even using the obligatory Nissan Micra – Tim finds out just how hard the test is, and reveals a lot about the standard of driving in the UK.

Vicki scores some eco-friendly points this week when she slips behind the wheel of the new Smart MHD city car. With the new Smart claiming to be greener than ever before, Vicki tests its credentials when she moonlights as a delivery girl for a posh London flower shop.

Elsewhere, Jason compares the tiny Renault Sport Twingo 133 with its hot-hatch heritage in the shape of a Renault 5 GT Turbo. It is guaranteed that the winner will be a Renault – but will the new car triumph over its predecessor?

Also this week, Tom finds out if Vauxhall’s replacement for the Vectra, the brand new Insignia, can shake off the poor reputation of its predecessor. After putting the car through its paces on the road, Tom calls on the help of ‘Apprentice’ star Raef Bjayou in a brand-selling challenge that pits the Insignia against its Mondeo rival.

Finally, Tiff gets his hands on the new Porsche 911. On paper it appears to be the best version ever, but Tiff wants to test its handling in the real world, so he conducts two road tests to gauge its speed and fuel economy.
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