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Default 5th Gear - S14 EP3 - 25th August, 2008 - Discussion

Five’s flagship motoring magazine show continues, with Tim Shaw joining Vicki Butler-Henderson, Tom Ford, Tiff Needell, Jonny Smith and Jason Plato at the helm. This week, Tiff takes on Formula One’s Jarno Trulli in an eco-challenge, before going head to head with speedway champion Jason Crump; while Tim tests the acceleration claims of a range of car manufacturers.

This week, the Fifth Gear team tries to get the most out of the Toyota Prius, a Japanese hybrid car said to be capable of giving 120 miles to the gallon. To put this claim to the test, Tiff takes on none other than Formula One driver Jarno Trulli. However, in a surprising twist, it will be fuel economy rather than speed that decides this duel. Are speed demons Tiff and Jarno really the right men for the job?

Elsewhere, Tim tests the acceleration of a number of cars. Manufacturers often boast about ever-decreasing zero-to-60mph times, but are any of these claims actually true? Acting on behalf of the discerning performance-car buyer, Tim takes to the track to put three vehicles through their paces. Using cutting-edge satellite equipment, he finds out whether the cars really can do what they say on the box.

In Manchester, Tiff heads to the Belle Vue Speedway to meet world champion Jason Crump for what looks set to be an explosive car-versusbike race. While Jason will ride his customdesigned motorcycle, Tiff takes the wheel of some extreme four-wheelers. Who will come out on top?

In this week’s shoot-out challenge, Jason races two powerful estates to find out whether petrol power triumphs over diesel torque. The vehicles in contention are the Volkswagen Passat R36 and the Audi A4 3.0 TDI.

Also this week, Vicki investigates how Kia’s new hatchback, Pro Ceed, stacks up against established favourite the VW Golf.

And Jason shops around for a luxury car on a budget. Will £1,000 buy a premium vehicle loaded with all the gadgets? The results are startling.
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I'm curious to see the episodes on VV, thanks in advance.

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They will be going up today and the ones from last weeks show as well.
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Ive only watched this ep,
the one with Jarno.
They had me on the edge of my seat when they introduced that they were going to the NW200
and then nothing some stupid story about saving the day for Honda.
IMO the best bit was at the tarted up car show...some nice cars..
super paint jobs..
those two clips could have made a great show.
But no they fill every frame with studip du du crap
If this was an extra disc of bloopers that you get free with TOP GEAR
I still wouldnt bother....
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i must say.. the show is to short and the reviews are just plain...

This is the car it does this and thats it ... And the fat bloke is soooo trying to be a Jeremy Clarkson and is failing.. Whats with the young kiddish presenter. I think the ONLY ones worth watching was the ONE young bloke that did the headlight change.. THAT was the ONLY usefull review i found in the show.

the RX8 review was to short.. i got nothing from it other then its 2 seconds slower thena 350z..

As Rc45 once pointed out(which i already knew)

BEST MOTORING is a true car review show!!!!

Top Gear is the best TV program car review show

the rest are just failed clones!
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Very weak show generally, at least compared with TG....the presenters just dont have any personality (apart from Plato....slightly!). Tiff is a great driver but should learn to shut up, VBH makes me turn the volume down to stop the never ending squeaking and as for the other two...no comment!
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