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Default 5th Gear - S14 EP2 - 18th August, 2008 - Discussion

Five’s flagship motoring magazine show continues. Tim Shaw joins Vicki Butler-Henderson, Tom Ford, Tiff Needell, Jonny Smith and Jason Plato as they explore the most exciting cars on the road. This week, Vicki spends a day at the Brooklands Motoring Festival with Formula One superstar Lewis Hamilton. Jason checks out the latest version of Porsche’s 911 GT2, a car once dubbed ‘The Widowmaker’. Tim finds out if customers are getting a fair deal when it comes to repairs; and Tiff stages a shoot-out between two top coupes.

For its new series, Five’s legendary motoring show has moved to one of the biggest car playgrounds in the world – a vast test-track facility that provides the perfect arena for the best drivers on TV to push cars to the limit. Fifth Gear also welcomes new presenter Tim Shaw (‘Balls of Steel’, Kerrang! Radio) to the team. A self-confessed car enthusiast, Tim has been tasked with standing up for the beleaguered motorist.

After his British Grand Prix win at Silverstone, Formula One ace Lewis Hamilton is in greater demand than ever. This week, Vicki finds out what life is like for the sporting superstar as she spends a day with him at the glamorous Brooklands Motoring Festival.

Tom, meanwhile, gets behind the wheel of the new Mercedes SL63 AMG. The AMG is a finely tuned version of one of Mercedes’ most impressive cars – and not a machine for the shy or retiring. Is this the ultimate, 21st-century Merc?

Inspired by how much the average driver spends on alcohol, Jonny Smith embarks on one of his trickiest buying challenges yet. He seeks out three cars the average person could afford to purchase if they swore off buying booze and put the money saved to better use.

With the nickname ‘The Widowmaker’, the Porsche 911 GT2 has always been held in high regard by anybody brave enough to drive one. This sleek, ultra-fast model has a reputation of being difficult to handle even for the most experienced drivers. Jason Plato takes the latest version out on the track for a harsh, high-octane test to discover if the newest GT2 lives up to its fearsome reputation.

Elsewhere, Tim Shaw continues his mission to champion consumer rights by investigating claims of extortionate repair costs. He discovers that some Renault customers have reportedly been charged up to £200 to change a lightbulb. He visits dealerships, searches for quotes and tries to find out if these high costs are justified or simply a motoring rip-off.

With sales of convertible cars peaking over the summer, Tom Ford demonstrates the potential safety issues of driving with the top down. In recent tests, even brand-new convertibles were criticised for poor safety protection when subjected to a roll-over crash. Tom takes an affordable second-hand convertible and crashtests it – with shocking results.

Also this week, Tiff Needell takes two coupes onto the Fifth Gear test track for a close-fought shoot-out. Can the Mazda RX8, boasting a fresh look and an unconventional rotary engine, beat the Nissan 350Z with its more conventional V6?
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It's about time they move to a bigger test track....the old one is wayyy too small.
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Jabba, are you going to upload the episodes (besides GT2) ?

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They are all going up today.
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Originally Posted by Jabba View Post
They are all going up today.

Great news. Thanks big guy!
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