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Default 5th Gear - S14 EP7 - 22nd September, 2008 - Discussion

In this week’s Fifth Gear, Ricky Hatton reveals to Jonny that his dream ride is not a souped-up supercar but a Reliant Robin three-wheeler van – Del Trotter’s vehicle of choice. The lightwelterweight champion is the proud owner of one of the Robins used in ‘Only Fools and Horses’. However, this Robin has seen better days and Ricky needs Fifth Gear’s help to get his beloved machine to pass its MOT with flying colours. While the mechanics work their magic, Jonny quizzes the boxer on his motoring habits.

Elsewhere, Tim investigates whether top-ofthe-range tyres actually provide the best quality and safety on the road, or if their competitors in the mid-range and lowest price brackets can do the trick just as well. Taking three sets of rubber to a slick road, he measures their emergency braking performance. What will the verdict be?

Later, Vicki and Tiff meet with motorbike racer Simon Pavey. Simon was responsible for coaching Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman to ride off-road for the ‘Long Way Round’ television series. Now he turns his attention to the two thrill-seeking presenters as the pair prepare to face off in a quest to prove who is the best offroad rider. With endurance events including a daring river crossing and a wheelie competition, who will come out on top?

The Mk7 Ford Fiesta is the focus of Tim’s review this week as its European release approaches this autumn. The perennially popular small car is fitted with the manufacturer’s Convers+ system, which incorporates such user-friendly features as satellite navigation and mobile phone connectivity. The new model also includes electric power-assisted steering (E-PAS), which only operates when required, thus adding to the Fiesta’s fuel economy.

To round off the action this week, Jonny attempts to update a mint-condition Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk2. Is such a feat possible for this highly sought-after second-hand vehicle? Ensuring only the most tasteful modifications are used, Jonny pulls the 20-year-old Golf into the present day. Can he improve on perfection?
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