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Default 5th Gear - S14 EP8 - 29th September, 2008 - Discussion

Jason meets the hot-shot Blue Eagles aerobatics squad. Made up of army volunteers, the Blue Eagles team has been around since the late1960s. Its fleet consists of four Gazelles and one Lynx helicopter. Jason is lucky enough to take the helm of the Lynx as the team members coach him to do a daring backflip. Later, Jason returns the favour on land, as he teaches these star pilots how to powerslide a Porsche Cayman S.

Elsewhere, Vicki is at The Tour of Britain, one of the United Kingdom’s biggest cycling events, where she is reviewing the surprisingly spacious new Honda Jazz. Despite its compact dimensions, this five-door hatch can accommodate three mountain bikes stored in an upright position. To stretch the Jazz to its extreme limits, the car acts a pilot vehicle for one of the Tour’s cycling teams – with Vicki at the wheel.

Later, Jonny and Dirk ‘Face’ Benedict take a look at the Mercedes S-Class. The vehicle is wellknown for being one of the world’s most desirable cars. But at over £100,000, it is hardly an accessible luxury. However, a second-hand S-Class that is only a few years old can be found for as little as £5,000. Jonny and Dirk put their heads together to review a brand-spanking-new model and a used version. What will their verdict be?

In Yorkshire, Tom is at the Harewood Hillclimb to test-drive the Fiat Grande Punto Abarth. Compact cars are currently hitting a peak in popularity, and Fiat have seized on this trend in releasing the Grande Punto Abarth. With its turbo-charged engine, it is designed to stand out from the crowd. What will Tom make of it?

Meanwhile, Tim is getting back to basics in his garage. Armed with a Haynes manual and a toolbox, he gets tinkering to see whether he can service his own car instead of paying the hefty labour costs that come with a trip to the mechanic. With modern cars becoming more complex, mechanics are able to charge top dollar for their work. Tim is determined to succeed in his challenge and keep his wallet firmly in his back pocket. How will he fare?

To wrap up the series, Jason and Tiff are also keeping it simple. The pair embark on the ultimate driving test in a karting face-off. They will need nerves of steel to tackle the purest form of motorsport. Racing in identical machines, there is nowhere to hide for the two drivers. Who will earn the championship mantle?
last episode of the season
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great, only a three week gap between this and the new series of TG
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