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Default Top Gear Australia - S1 EP3 - 13th October, 2008 - Discussion

Whose car is the best? Fastest? Coolest? Strongest? Well there's only one way to settle this - a Top Gear Australia challenge. The lads and their precious motoring masterpieces assemble at Oran Park for a race showdown. By the end of the day - a star will be born, and egos bruised.

Then the world's first Sports Activity Coupé, the revolutionary BMW X6 Coupé 4WD, is put through its paces. Is it a visionary triumph or an impressive blunder? Warren takes a drive to find out.

Steve Pizzati reviews the F1-inspired Mercedes CLK 63 AMG Black Series coupe and SBS's own delightfully hilarious hostess, Julia Zemiro (RocKwiz), is the "Celebrity in a Bog Standard Car".
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I wouln't exactly call the X6 revolutionary but it will be nice to see the test of the CLK Black Series.
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Is this series still going?
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