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Default Anyone seen the recent episode of 5th Gear?

I'm here in the United States, so I'm not sure how far ahead the season is in Europe to US. I just saw the episode where this very wealthy guy went to Ferrari headquarters to buy Michael Schumacher's 2001 Formula 1 car. Wow, he bought the car.... Watching this episode makes me want to drive a F1 car too, they said on the show it is easier to drive than it looks, once you get the hang of it.

Does anyone roughly know how much the guy bought the car for? Or roughly how expensive such a car is to buy? I can imagine the maintenance costs of a F1 car would be like buying a new Ford Ka every month or 2.
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Its quite an old episode and as he also has a MC12 and an enzo that maintanance costs aren't high on his list of concerns has his own mechanics who had to train with ferrari to before he bought it They also keep the price secret for a reason mate

Oh and BTW we have a 5th gear section

**EDIT** BTW new top gear series starts in 55 mins
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One of the episode in this season covered a Ferrari auction, and within which, there's a F2004. I think it went for 2,400,000 EUR.
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