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Default 5th Gear - Series "X" (10) - September 25th, 2006

After keeping pace with the numerical development of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo for another series, it's time to bid a fond farewell to Fifth Gear IX.

You'd probably expect the Fifth Gear team to head off for a well-deserved Summer break at this point for some well-deserved R'n'R and general beach lazing-about.

Not a bit of it. With Series X returning to our screens on September 25th, we're already working flat out on making sure it comes back bigger and better than ever. And in the meantime you'll be able to keep up with everything that matters from the world of motoring here on Fifth Gear Online, which we'll be updating daily with news, features and the latest roadtests.

And that's not all. We're set to get all interactive on you. For more details you'll have to watch this space. But, suffice to say for now, we hope that you'll be joining the thousands of Fifth Gear Online users who will be playing a vital role in shaping the look and feel of the next series.

Mike Duff,
Fifth Gear Online.
I just hope they can keep the momentum that they had at the end of series 9 and keep it going into series 10 and have some good episodes and features.
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I hope so, too. Afte all, hope dies last! ( Still dies, though)

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The last eps were really better than expected, lets hope they can hold this level (which i seriously doubt :roll: ).
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