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Default 5th Gear - S16 EP2 - 15th June, 2009 - Discussion

This week, Tiff heads to the Ferrari test track in Maranello to drive a new version of the Ferrari 599 – the HGTE. Helping Tiff out is legendary British racing driver Sir Stirling Moss, who offers his own opinion of the car... as well as Tiff’s driving skills!

Olympic rowing hero Matthew Pinsent is the luckiest man in this week’s show, as Jason sets out to find his perfect car. At 6’5”, Pinsent struggles to fit into the tiny sports cars he loves, so Jason sets up a challenge involving two bigger – but just as exciting – sports cars: a Mercedes SL63 AMG and a Maserati Gran Turismo S.

Elsewhere, Jonny enjoys some Spanish sun in the brand new Audi A5 cabriolet. His mission is to find out if the locals think the Audi is a more appealing car than the rival BMW 3 Series convertible. The only problem is that the locals do not speak English – and Jonny does not know any Spanish!

Two almost identical Porsche Caymans are the subject of this week’s shoot-out. The only difference is that one has a traditional manual gearbox while the other has Porsche’s new PDK double clutch system. On paper, the PDK is quicker than the manual, but is this the case over a flying lap?

On a more economical note, Tim investigates the accuracy of one of the most quoted figures in motoring – the combined economy cycle. Manufacturers are increasingly advertising their cars on the basis of the MPG (miles per gallon) results they achieve in the test, but are they to be believed? Tim assembles a motley crew of motorists to see how close real people get to the quoted economy figures.

Finally, Tom and Tiff embark on one of the most gruelling challenges they have ever experienced. The Ilkley Trial in Yorkshire is an annual event in which classic cars and motorbikes compete over 20 sections of rough terrain – including treacherous hills, boggy fields and rocky rivers.
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That sounded like another boring ep.
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