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Default Top Gear Australia - S1 EP5 - 27th October, 2008 - Discussion

On Top Gear Australia this week, Warren and Steve investigate the 'Toorak Tractor' phenomenon by taking a tractor down the streets of Toorak. Charlie takes the Audi R8 for a test on the Hamilton Island runway to test it's claim to be a 'practical supercar'. Steve also looks at the BMW 135 Coupé. The boys then take on the ultimate challenge when they attempt to build an amphibious car from an Audi. Shannon Noll is the "Celebrity in a Bog Standard Car".
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- Warren and Steve crushed the bonnet of a Saab while parking a real tractor with a great deal more difficulty than other Toorak tractors, which are basically 4WDs.
- Charlie concluded that the Audi R8 can indeed be called a practical supercar, because it's easy to drive and fairly unforgiving.
- Steve claimed that the BMW 135 was great and deserves an M badge. But, it still looks girly.
- The amphibious Audi failed miserably, failing to get out of the harbour
- Shannon Noll posted a fast time, only a second behind Steve Bisley despite wet weather.
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