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Default Fifth Gear - S17 E08 - 22nd July, 2010 - Discussion

This week, Tiff and Jonny test two of the most stylish cars on the market. Vicki assesses the green credentials of Honda’s sporty new hybrid, and Jason gets to grips with a classic American muscle car.

Peugeot has a well-earned reputation for makingreliable vehicles with stunning styling, but the French carmaker’s recent efforts have veered a little towards the dull side. However, the manufacturer hopes to change all this with its brand new RCZ coupe, which boasts the good looks of a luxury Italian car. Tiff takes the RCZ for a spin on Anglesey to find out how the supercar on a shoestring compares to its nearest rival, the elegant Volkswagen Scirocco.

While Nissan’s bestselling cars are simple runarounds like the Micra, the company also produces some of the quirkiest vehicles available. Enter the Juke – a new, masculine, SUV-style supermini that Nissan hopes will shake up the small-car market. Jonny heads to Germany to be among the first to test this stylish new model.

Classic American marque Chevrolet has a new car on the market – the Camaro SS. The Chevy boasts some impressive-sounding assets, including a massive 6.8-litre V8 engine, but big American cars are notorious for sluggishness and poor handling. Jason takes the Camaro for a spin to see whether the meaty muscle car is any match for Wales’s notoriously windy roads.

Elsewhere this week, Vicki puts the Honda CR-Z coupe through its paces. Marketed as the world’s first sporty hybrid, the CR-Z looks and feels like a far less environmentally friendly beast. But do Honda’s claims that a high-performance car can be green really add up?
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