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Entire Panamera range caught!

Captured recently in Northern Sweden, the full range of Porsche's fourth model was spied in one location. Expected for debut in Geneva next year, the Panamera faces strong competitors such as the Mercedes CLS and Aston Martin Rapide. These are the first pictures showing all three models of the Panamera range: the “standard” Panamera with two pairs of rectangular exhaust pipes, the Panamera S featuring two round pipes on each side, and the Panamera Turbo equipped with tailpipes similar to those of the “standard” car but featuring taller air-intakes at the front and sportier split 5-spoke wheels with large cross-drilled brake disks.

The entry-level engine for the “standard” Panamera will be Volkswagen’s 3.5-litre six-cylinder unit developing 300 bhp, while Porsche’s own drivetrain will be a direct-injection eight-cylinder petrol engine, available in naturally-aspirated guise (350 bhp) for the “S” and with twin-turbo (560 bhp). Shortly after its debut in 2009 the Panamera Hybrid will be introduced.

Even if this car looks massive, I'm somewhat still excited about it... hoping it actually turns out better than what these spyshots suggest

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in miami

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I took some spy photos today in downtown Ann Arbor. I don't think this is a 2015 car, most likely next years car undergoing some EPA test north of town.

These are the first cell phone pictures I have ever taken. A real pain in the arse figuring this all out. I even had the lens covered with friction tape (hockey stick tape) so the phone does not slip out of my hands. Therefore the first several pictures are all black, I was lucky this guy was stuck in traffic as long as he was.


The original non-shrunk photos are in the "DRAFTS" section of my LG Cosmos phone. Any tips on how to retrieve better quality photos are welcomed.

For now I sent the pictures from "Drafts" to "My Album" on-line (Picture & Video Messaging). From there I e-mailed them to myself.
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