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Default FG returns July 3 + Info on remaining Episodes

We thought it unfair on FIFA to damage the viewing figures for the World Cup by pitting Fifth Gear head to head in the schedules with some big games, so the show won't be back on air until Monday July 3rd, 8pm on five. In the meantime, we'll be chanting Eng-ger-land, as well as working on some of the biggest features we've ever done. We'll be going to even more extreme lengths to test whether the engine on our beloved old Merc really is bomb-proof...testing the suspension of the Citroen C6 using professional gunmen (sure beats horse-racing), seeing which bit of a car burns best, giving the definitive verdict on Honda's new magic handling system, frightening pensioners as we set a record in a people carrier, watching Tiff nearly kill himself in a bid to beat a hard-as-nails Dakar racer in an off-road race, plus the most amazing supercar head to head anybody's ever conceived of.
- from Five.tv

testing the suspension of the Citroen C6 using professional gunmen (sure beats horse-racing),
hmm, more cheap shots at Top Gear?
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