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Default EVO #104

Aston V8 Vantage Roadster, Mercedes Benz C350, Hartge S3-3.5, Giugiaro Mustang, Subaru Impreza RB320, DMS 911 Turbo

Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera
With a very cool name and more carbonfibre than you can shake a lightweight stick at, this new Lambo could just be one of the best cars of 2007. Richard Meaden flies all the way to the US of A to drive the Superleggera and also has a look at some of its wilder forebears

Vauxhall Corsa VXR v Renault Clio 197 v SEAT Ibiza Cupra v Mini Cooper S
We take the newest hot hatch all the way to the South of France to face its rivals. The skies are blue, the roads are filed under ‘epic’, and the battle is worthy of cars worth ten times the price. David Vivian is your scribe

The state of the British sports car industry
What’s going on at TVR? Does David Richards really know what he’s getting into with Aston? Is the new Caterham R400 any good? Why is Morgan so successful? These and many more questions answered in our British sports car special

Sex, money and motorsport
Red Bull’s distinctive colour scheme has a seemingly all-pervading presence in motorsport these days. But now they’re tackling NASCAR. They’ve still got the girls, the money and the slightly sickly drink but could they have bitten of more than they can chew?

Routes into F1 for young guns (and dep eds)
Deputy editor Bovingdon has been looking at two different ways parents can bankrupt themselves in order to get their darling children into F1. First he races some 12-year-olds in Formula BMW, then he spins a Formula Ford at Silverstone

You think the McMerc SLR 722 is ugly and pointless, you refuse to believe that the 207 CC is anything more than a hairdresser’s poodle- wagon and you say our cover-line should have said Bellissima! (not Bellissimo!). You may well be right

Fast Fleet
Chee has only just recovered from having to step down from a Range Rover to a Skoda – just in time to say cheerio to the really rather good Octavia. The two four-wheel drive hatchbacks have been enjoying the snow, and Harry’s been all the way to Italy in the Zonda, which broke down. Again

Birth of an Icon: Morgan Plus 8
Nearly 40 years ago, nestled in some already quite old sheds in Malvern, the first Rover V8-engined sports car was born

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That Lambo looks mental!

Reviews about the cars they said to have driven sound nice.

And the Hothatch and british sportscar bit sound interesting!
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Scans please
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