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Default Fifth Gear - S17 E06 - 8th July, 2010 - Discussion

The fast-paced motoring magazine show hosted by Tiff Needell, Vicki Butler-Henderson, Jason Plato and Jonny Smith continues. This week, Tiff takes the exotic Lexus LFA hypercar for a spin, while Vicki road-tests the new BMW 5 Series. Jason pits two powerful saloons against each other, and Jonny visits Volvo’s hi-tech testing facility in Sweden. BMW’s 5 Series cars have long been regarded as the smoothest, most reliable drive in their class. However, Vicki Butler-Henderson is concerned that the carmaker might have sacrificed some of its classic features for hi-tech wizardry in the latest addition to the range.

The new 5 Series boasts a cavalcade of baffling technological features, including self-parking, an on-board computer and a head-up data-display system originally pioneered for fighter jets. Vicki takes to the roads in the sunny south of France in order to determine whether the gadgetry improves or detracts from the ride.

In this week’s shoot-out, Jason heads to the Anglesey Circuit to pit two of the most powerful saloons on the market against each other. The Mercedes E63 AMG boasts a V8 engine, 506bhp and 464lb/ft of torque – but its closest rival, the Audi RS6, runs on a Lamborghini V10 engine. The nifty 572bhp vehicle is capable of doing 0-62 in just 4.6 seconds. The Audi might sound like a dead cert to come out on top, but only Jason’s time trial will tell...

Swedish carmaker Volvo already has a hard-earned reputation for making some of the safest cars in the world, but the manufacturer has recently set itself a huge goal. The company believes that, by 2020, no one will die or suffer serious injuries in one of its cars ever again. Jonny visits Volvo’s state-of-the-art testing facility in Gothenburg to witness how the company is using groundbreaking radar technology and in-vehicle protection to reach its ambitious goal.

After ten years in the making, the extravagant Lexus LFA deserves the label of hypercar. Priced at well over £330,000 and easily capable of 200mph, this carbon-fibre beauty makes for an exhilarating drive. Can the LFA’s hardcore credentials match up to Tiff’s expectations on the track?
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This looks like an awesome episode....gotta dl it later

BMW designer sure got lazy lately....the new 5 series is like welding a Z4 and a 3 series together and enlarge it.

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