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Default 5th Gear - S15 EP5 - 2nd February, 2009 - Discussion

It is a battle between two of the road’s style queens this week – Volkswagen’s sassy sports coupe, the Scirocco, and the stylish Mini Cooper S hatchback. Tiff and Jason are on a mission to find out which is the quicker.

Elsewhere, Tom wonders whether he can squeeze into the world’s tiniest four-seater, the Toyota iQ, which is less than three metres in length. The manufacturer has come up with some innovative tricks in order to maximise space for passengers, including an under-floor fuel tank. But can an average-sized person fit into the driver’s seat?

In this week’s consumer review, Tim throws the spotlight on the latest car polishes. Not only is he looking for the glossiest shine, but also for durability. In order to test the latter, he goes to extreme measures to simulate the wear and tear that many years of motoring has on paintwork.

With the credit crunch hitting the nation’s pockets hard, Jonny reveals that there is light at the end of the tunnel for those in the market for a secondhand SUV. These vehicles are slow movers on the used-car market, so there are bargains galore to be had. The economic diesel engines of these fourwheel drives make them even more affordable.

Jason is on a mission to make comedian Dave Vitty’s dreams come true. Better known as Comedy Dave, of Radio 1 breakfast show fame, Vitty is also a motoring enthusiast. He is passionate about a car chase scene from 1970s television series ‘The Professionals’ and has enlisted Jason’s help to re-enact it. Jason assembles all the essential props, including a Ford Capri and a pile of cardboard boxes. Then he gives Dave a stunt-driving lesson before the pair attempt to capture the scene on film. How will the finished product measure up to the original?
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